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Xiamen Vactec Equipment Co. Ltd focus on manufacturing vacuum mixing and casting equipments, APG clamping equipments, vacuum potting equipments, etc, which use for MV/HV switchgear insulators, MV/HV cable connectors and accessories, dry-type transformers, reactors, CT/PTs, motors, dry-type capacitors, MRI coils, car ignition coils, etc. 

The company has more than 10 years’ experience on the equipment designing, manufacturing and service. Company has many patents such as dosing pumps, APG injection device, 3-chambers continuous casting, etc. The equipments are designed accordant to German industrial standard, and made with newest and advanced technology, high quality components are imported from Europe or Japan. There are many sets of high quality equipments exported to Korea, Japan, Turkey, Vietnam, India, etc. 

Company is located in the Xiamen Jimei industrial zone, about 15 KM far away from the Xiamen International airport, about 5KM far away from the high-speed railway station and express way entrance, it is convenient for transportation and service.

Company has 80 employees, consists of sales department, project department, design department, quality control department, production department, finance department, purchasing department, etc.

Company has new factory total about 10000m2. The workshop equipped with turning machines, milling machines, drilling machines, bending machine, shearing machine, welding machines, sandblasting room, painting and heat drying room, and test equipments, etc. 

The workshop is 12m high, equipped with 16 tons’ cranes, so that the vacuum mixing and casting equipments can be complete assembly and test running before shipping out to customers, it is great useful for the quality control, and reduce the installation time also production and environmental influence on customer site.

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