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We have the talent as a strategic resource, personnel training, attracting and making use of major, macro, global vision and arrangements.Our goal is to build human resource planning superb casting equipment management, marketing, technology, production at all levels of the workforce, and lay a solid talent base for the development of enterprises.

Vic in the industry brought together a group of energetic, have different professional backgrounds and experiences, complementary advantages of high-quality personnel, conduct exchanges and cooperation through various channels with professionals, leaving only the truth, leaving only the cause. Thus maximizing their potential. Our employees share their own conscious knowledge, we strongly encourage employees to learn, to promote the exchange and sharing of knowledge, advocating innovation corporate culture, so that the value of every employee to be sure, recognized creative, innovative ideas or recommendations full respect and communication, staff actively dedicated to the development of enterprises, making the overall business intelligence is enhanced, market-oriented innovation capability is improved.

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