Vacuum chamber and test


Vacuum chamber and test equipment                


◎Vacuum chamber                

Compact structure, fully opening the door and easy to operating. There are glass windows with lights for observing. Imported vacuum pumps and instrumentation, with high-performance and the absolute vacuum can up to 0.8mbar.                


◎Testing mixer                 

Compact structure, wonderful appearance, with lighting observation window and easy to operating.                


◎Small LCD potting machine                

Mainly be used in sealing a little LCD .                

●system components:                

       1.Vacuum sealing room                 

       2.Vacuum pump                 

       3.Table with up and down regulator                


◎Vacuum mixer                

● Main technology:                

       1. Electronic batching scale                 

       2. Vacuum film degassing                 

       3. Indirect electric heating with uniformity temperature                 

       4. Center spiral upper and fully mixing, with high viscosity to 100000mPas                







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